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Ajyal Islamic Centre Table Tennis Tournament 2017

Table Tennis Tournament 2017 Insha Allah, we will be holding a men table Tennis Tournament at Ajyal Islamic Centre in Downtown Vancouver for the community on Saturday, January 28th. All are invited. Games will start after 6:00 PM; There will be "Brother's Connect Halaqa" at 4:30 PM; Registration fee for the tournament is $5 / person; Snacks and tea will be provided during the tournament; The game will be 21 points (single elimination tournament).

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Summer Adventure مغامرات الصيف
Ajyal Soccer Program

Ajyal Soccer Program برنامج أجيال لكرة القدم  الكل يلعب ويشووت في أرقى ملاعب فانكوفر الخضراء كل يوم سبت من الساعة 8-10 مساء طيلة السنة For 16 Years old & up Everyone Plays At the best soccer fields in Vancouver Every Saturday from 8 -11 PM year round Andy Livigstone West Field- Turf at 89 Carr St. Vancouver

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